Magento Development

Magento is the most popular E-Commerce web application, used in the creation of well-known online stores. Its extensive, easy-to-use model, offers flexibility and control in terms of the look, content, and functionality of the online portals. It can also build multiple online portals – in 60 different languages – managed by a single admin console. Extensive price rules and filters allow E-Commerce merchants the flexibility to set special pricing for certain products / groups / products and turn them on /off to suit their needs.

Magento Features

  • Added advantage of being an open source web application.
  • Built-in support to compute shipping rates and taxation.
  • Built-in support for up-sell and cross-sell.
  • SEO friendly URLs for all product and category pages.
  • Ability to set special pricing for customer groups.
  • Multi-lingual support – available in 60 languages.
  • Supports over 50 payment gateways.
  • Offers scalable, multi-currency and 'Mobile Commerce' features.
  • Built-in Content Management System allows for easy management and updation of static pages.Neev's Magento Advantage.
  • Offers powerful marketing and merchandising tools that can be customized.
  • A whole world of possibilities has opened up after Magento became part of eBay.

Wordpress Development

WordPress is not just used as blogging CMS but it is also used as a complete webpage development CMS offering a web content publishing platform. Thus the demand for developing the web pages with wordpress has increased to a great extent and all different types (media, corporate, telecom, and more) and scales (small, large and medium scaled) of enterprises are favoring its use in their content development with better interaction and appearance. For this, you need to hire WordPress Developers who have years of experience and knowledge in carrying out the website development with ease.

Features of Wordpress

  • Wordpress is an open source CMS and blogging platform.
  • Easy to Use and Highly Flexible.
  • Easy to Set Up, Integrate and Administrate
  • User Friendly Web Interfaces
  • Search Engine Friendly Structure
  • Quick and Easy to Update and Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Thousands of Plugins Available for Free Installation & Integration

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